South-East European Platform to Beat Pollution (SEEPP)


The South Eastern Europe Pollution Platform (SEEPP) has been established in 2019 and implemented by UNEP with the support for the Italian Ministry of Environment to implement the outcomes of the Belgrade Ministerial Conference on “Innovative Solutions to Pollution in South East and Southern Europe” that took place in Belgrade on 4-5 December 2018 The Ministerial Conference resulted into the adoption of a Joint Ministerial Vision on Innovative Solutions to Pollution in which countries highlighted the importance of regional cooperation to address pollution-related challenges. The SEEPP aims at accelerating and contributing to the application of the UNEA Pollution Implementation Plan in South East Europe and the Western Balkans, in addition to work toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the Region.

Industrial waste: chemical tailings pond from copper quarry.

Industrial waste: chemical tailings pond from copper quarry.

Main Objectives


Facilitate the creation of innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships dealing with pollution

Foster sub-regional cooperation and project/programme developement in the fields of environmental protection and sustainable development, with a specific focus on prevention, reduction and monitoring of pollution

Support the exchange of information on initiatives and best practices and to catalyse action

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